Rage to Rightesouness Documentary
by Elimelech Shmi Hebrew (author)

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This movie documentary Rage to Righteousness as written, directed and produced by author and lowly servant Elimelech Hebrew. It unveils as never before the true cause behind the excessive hate and violence ever present in the black communities. Hebrew reveals in this documentary that the origin of hate and violence in the black communities goes back to the days of Cain and Abel and persists until this day. This documentary shares with the world via biblical and physical evidence with unprecedented accuracy that we so called African Americans are in fact the lost children of Israel. More profound than this is how Hebrew reveals the hate and violence amongst our people is due to the two different nations of Israel the nation of Esau who Elohim hates, and the nation of Jacob who Elohim love. This is the reason our communities are continuously at war. Nonetheless Hebrew reveals in this documentary how we can resolve this issue as the Hebrew Nation and rise up out of this despair fromage Rage to Righteousness.

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