Rage to Righteouseness 400 Years to Freedom Documentary
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This move documentary Rage to Righteousness: 400 Years to Freedom written, directed and produced by author and lowly servant Elimelech Hebrew takes you on an unbelievable journey through the scriptures and unveils as never been seen in history of man how the fulfillment of Elohim’s prophecy to our father Abraham written in the scriptures that his seed the children of Israel shall go into bondage for 400 years in a strange land and afterward shall come out with great substance. Hebrew reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt through this documentary Rage to Righteousness 400 Years of Freedom (Year 611 to 2011 a total of 400 Years) was and is the being fulfilled by we, the Hebrew Israelites brought here to the American and scattered abroad as prophesied by the prophets. If you though the move Roots was profound the wisdom, knowledge and revelations brought to light in this documentary is above reproach, witness the truth for yourself in the move Rage to Righteousness 400 Years to Freedom.

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