AWAKEN Revelations of Elimelech Shmi Hebrew
by Elimelech Shmi Hebrew (author)

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This book was written by a Hebrew a servant and messenger of the Most High Elohim, Elimelech Shmi Hebrew moved him to write. This book reveals the unknown phenomena occurring to the lost children of Israel now identified as African American. The phenomena is their inability to recognize themselves as the true Hebrew Israelites written of in the Torah by our ancestors the Hebrew prophets. Hebrew reveal with biblical fact and practical evidence why the African Americans do not know how they are is because Hebrew prophet Isaiah placed a spell on them as Elohim command to close their eyes, ears and hearts that they see not, hear not and neither understand. This book AWAKAN revelation of Elimelech Shmi Hebrew shall uplift the spell of Isaiah Israel and the children of Israel shall awaken and return to our God the one and only true living Creator Elohim.

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