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  • Ad'am's Passover

Ad'am's Passover


Adam’s Passover is the first single release from the forthcoming LP “Restored.” This collage of material in its entirety is a tribute to, and gives the rightful glory to, the only begotten son of Elohim, Adam. The lyrical truth in each composition is glowingly ethereal, and moves upon the face of the musical waters breaking through the darkness of secularity in a world in dyer need of light and truth. Only minimal differences separate the duo’s previous outing “Standing Ovation,”  which used the same formula as “Restored” but in all its glory was more-so a tribute to the creator Elohim. With that being said both of these collections of praise should be taken in succession as they both honor the Father Elohim, the son Adam, and the Holy Spirit Yahweh with all due benevolence and should be welcomed listening musical education for all ages and nations.

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